Your business is food

Your business is food

CUTTING FOOD WASTE is the best way to save money and boost your business profits… and it’s easy.

Our free program provides information, advice and resources to reduce the amount of food you throw away in your business.

How it works:

      1. Do a FOOD WASTE REVIEW to work out where food is being wasted (during preparation, storage or from customers plates)
      2. Develop an ACTION PLAN to reduce food waste
      3. Celebrate SUCCESS with a follow-up review
      4. PROMOTE your achievements to staff and customers

The Your Business is Food program step-by-step tips will help you identify where to cut costs and provide practical solutions to reduce food waste and save money.

Contact us to take part in this FREE program and receive face to face support and useful resources such as coasters and take away stickers.

Visit the Your Business is Food program website to read about seven ways you can reduce food waste in your business.

Watch how The Element Bar in Coffs Harbour reduced their waste.

Watch how Drury Lane in Port Macquarie reduced their waste


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This winter, we‘re celebrating citrus! Love your lemons, limes and oranges by washing and zesting their skins before eating. Store the zest in an airtight container in the freezer and use as a tasty addition when creating your favourite dressings, sauces or icings.What winter produce are you loving? Tell us below! For more zingy recipe ideas and ways to make the most of the food you buy or grow, head to Love Food Hate Waste NSW ... Close Post
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Roast on Sunday, soup on Monday!That’s right, turn your leftover vegetables and Sunday roast into a delicious clear noodle soup. This flexible recipe can be created using tofu or leftover roasted meat. Top it off with shallots or coriander, as well as your fave chilli or soy-based sauce. Use it all. If you’re stuck for inspiration, sign up for the free Food Smart program at Food Hate Waste NSW ... Close Post
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