Fresh egg carton

Fresh eggs

Buying It/Growing It

  • Buy in fruit in bulk when it is in season (and cheaper) and preserve for use when not in season
  • Buy a bunch of shallots, use a few and plant the rest
  • Make preserved lemons with those excess from your tree
  • Grow your own herbs – they don’t go out of date and are fresher!
  • Involve kids in the menu planning and shopping lists so that you buy what they are going to eat/drink

Cooking It

  • Create new dishes from leftovers
  • My favourite is Quinoa Slice – grate raw beetroot & carrot into quinoa, add eggs, parmesan and seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower). Bake 20mins in moderate oven
  • Don’t cook too much, but if you do, eat the leftovers!
  • Small amounts of leftover sauce based meals combined with stale bread is perfect for toasted sandwiches

Storing It

  • Divide bulk meat before freezing
  • Keep old bread bags to freeze half loaves
  • Freeze grated cheese to stop it going mouldy in fridge. Use straight from freezer.
  • Freeze leftovers, label and have for a quick dinner on a rushed night
  • Cook in bulk and freeze
  • Small airtight see through containers that are stackable for fridge, freezer and cupboard
  • Wash and reuse glass jars for storage
  • Wrap hard cheese in paper towel with 2-3 drops of white vinegar on it. Wrap firmly and put in a container or zip lock bag. Prevents mould and stops cheese going hard
  • Store strawberries on their side in their containers in the fridge and separate punnets into 2 where possible (giving them more room to breathe)
  • Freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays for quick summer cools downs in drinks or with fruit salad
  • Leftover bread and crusts – process them to make breadcrumbs – freeze for longer life
  • Share extra food with your neighbours
  • Check your eggs – if you are unsure if it is fresh, place in water – if it sinks to the bottom it is fine, if it floats totally, it has gone off