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The Waste Hierarchy

We consume lots of resources in our everyday lives and many of these highly valuable resources are wasted. We need to change the way we think about waste, recognising its value as a resource to be used wisely and conserved, re-used and recycled whenever possible. When thinking about waste it is useful to think about the 4 Rs – Refuse, Re-use, Reduce and Recycle. The 4 Rs form a hierarchy whereby we consider:

  1. Can we avoid creating the waste in the first place e.g. ask yourself the question – “Do I really need this x, y, z?” before you purchase it
  2. Can we re-use the item – i.e. can I store something in that nice glass jar?
  3. can we reduce our creation of waste – i.e. can we choose to purchase a product based on reduced packaging rather than brand?
  4. and, finally, can we recycle it – this could be through the kerbside yellow bin or other means (like the plastic bag recycling bins you will find at most supermarkets)

Local programs you can get involved in (click on the relevant logo for more information):

  • Recycling Facility Tours (click on your Council’s logo for contact details)

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 Resources you can use:

Frugal Forrest

Click to go to the Frugal Forest website

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Click to go to the Love Food Hate Waste website