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Educational resources about ecological sustainability

EcoLogic has been completely redeveloped to explore some of the world’s hottest topics today: climate change, resource management – with a special focus on water – sustainable technologies and design. Discover the science behind global warming and what we can do to prevent it from getting worse. Students can explore the evidence that humans are causing climate change by burning coal, oil and gas (fossil fuels). Learn how precious natural resources like natural water are managed. Students will discover what they can do to prevent climate change from getting worse through examining alternate ways of generating power, see how their food choices impact the environment and explore our “eco-friendly” home.

The EcoLogic website contains lesson plans for Primary and Secondary years to guide teachers through the multiple resources about climate change, the carbon cycle, product life cycles, local environmental issues and design for sustainability. There are also videos about soil salinity, conservation farming and the creation of a bird sanctuary. Forty two historic photographs from the Museum’s collection are included to encourage thoughtful discussion about social issues and the use of land, energy, materials and water.