The Frugal Forest was exhibited in four locations (and Maitland) during 2016/17 in the MIDWASTE region and was visited by more than 24 000 people. The exhibition was incredibly well received and was the 2016 winner of the Communication, Education and Empowerment Award at the LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards.

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“The Frugal Forest Project is about how we treat the finite resources of our small planet” comments Bryony Anderson, the workshop facilitator. “Since the industrial revolution we’ve been steadily extracting resources and turning them into problematic waste – the ‘out and down’ approach, which has an obvious end point. But in an ecosystem, like a forest, the nutrients are reused and reinvented in an endless cycle – the ’round and round’ approach, which could go on forever. In this project, we’re trying to illustrate this by collecting materials that would usually be going to landfill, learning about their properties, and then devising ways to use them to create plants that belong in a complex ecosystem, based on scientific input and research.

After thousands of hours of handwork and input from hundreds of talented craftspeople, musicians, scientists, artists, and community members, we’ll end up with an entire forest, filled with a sound scape gleaned from found objects, which can be explored by torchlight.

For more information visit the frugal forest website or check out their Facebook page.

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