Cracking down on litter – you can help!

Report a tosser

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Roadside litter is the target of an education and enforcement campaign currently underway in areas around Port Macquarie, Kempsey and Taree. The aim of the project is to send a clear message that littering is unacceptable and that litterers will be seen, reported and fined.

Litter damages our natural environments, harms wildlife and sea creatures, and makes our public spaces less safe and less attractive. It’s also very costly. Each year over 25,000 tonnes of litter is tossed in NSW, and more than $180 million a year is spent managing that.

Roadside litter is one of our region’s most unnecessary and preventable environmental problems. We would rather see Councils, NSW Roads and Maritime Services and other land managers spending their time and money on other services.

Members of the public who are over 18 can report littering from vehicles.

The EPA can issue fines of $250 for an individual and $500 for a corporation for littering from a vehicle, based on
reports from members of the public. The fines for tossing a lit cigarette from a vehicle are $450 for an individual and $900 for a corporation.

Across NSW over 21,000 people have registered to report it when they see someone throw litter from a vehicle. These reports are made online through the NSW EPA website.

By registering to report littering from vehicles, you are part of the solution. Visit to find out more and to sign up.

The days of getting away with being a litterbug are over.