Recycling newspapersRENEW NSW is representative of eight regional waste management groups. Together these groups encompass over 95 Councils in rural regional NSW. Under the umbrella of RENEW NSW, the groups work together proactively to improve resource recovery and waste management in regional NSW.
Supported by the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), RENEW NSW monitors and facilitates improvements to waste management and resource recovery practices in rural and regional areas. It also serves as an advisory body on matters of regional concern such as landfill rationalization, infrastructure sharing, resource recovery systems and drop-off centres and other related sustainability activities.

Its primary goal is to highlight the differing waste management issues and priorities within regional areas and implement better waste and sustainable recycling systems. Through coordinating and combining these regional waste groups, RENEW NSW works proactively to find solutions to rural regional waste issues; to improve resource recovery, and initiate best practice waste management in rural and regional New South Wales.

RENEW NSW meets quarterly, with meetings held both in regional centres and at EPA offices in Sydney.

The 8 Voluntary Regional Waste Groups represented at RENEW are:

  1. The North East Waste (NEW)
  2. Midwaste
  3. Northern Inland Regional Waste (NIRW)
  4. NetWaste
  5. Riverina Regional Organisation of Councils (RivRoc)
  6. Murray Regional Organisation of Councils (MurrayRoc)
  7. Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) and
  8. South Eastern Resource Recovery Group (SERRG)