Numerous organisations have developed Fact-sheets on a range of topics. Links to some of these are provided below.

DECC Easy Guides

Created by the Department of Environment and Climate Change, these guides provide a great resource.

Marvel of Mulch

Marvel of Mulch  641Kb PDF

Easy Recycling Guide

Easy Recycling Guide 2Mb PDF

Easy Compost Guide

Easy Compost Guide 856Kb PDF

Easy Worm Farming

Easy Worm Farming  919Kb PDF

Midwaste Factsheets

All factsheets are in PDF format


Aluminium 1Mb PDF


Steel 1Mb PDF


Glass 1Mb PDF


Paper 1Mb PDF

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material 1Mb PDF

Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling 1Mb PDF

Wastewise Shoppper

Wastewise Shoppper 1Mb PDF

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping 1Mb PDF

E –Waste Factsheets

These have been developed by SHOROC (Shore Regional Organisation of Councils)

e-Waste in Australia

e-Waste in Australia 135Kb PDF

Industry Practices

Industry Practices 128Kb PDF

e-Waste Health & Environmental Issues

e-Waste Health & Environmental Issues 298Kb PDF

The Policy Context

The Policy Context 137Kb PDF

e-Waste management and regulation

e-Waste management and regulation 137Kb PDF

e-Waste International trends

e-Waste International trends 135Kb PDF